In 1990, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency’s (HHSA) Tobacco Control Resource Program (TCRP) was established to offer tobacco prevention, education, and quit-smoking programs. The program was made possible by the passage of Proposition 99 in 1988, which increased the tax on cigarettes by 25 cents per pack. Part of these tobacco tax monies is directed toward statewide health education to inform Californians about the health hazards of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke. The TCRP works to:

  • Reduce tobacco promoting influences;
  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke;
  • Reduce access to tobacco products; and
  • Promote tobacco cessation.

California is the national leader in the campaign to address the threat of tobacco. TCRP is a part of this effort and promotes the use of additional web sites as valuable tools to meet the national objective defined in Healthy People 2020, "To reduce illness, disability, and death related to tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure."  These efforts support the County of San Diego’s current comprehensive chronic disease prevention approaches, which are collectively referred to as Healthy Works.

The County of San Diego HHSA is working with the following local contracted partners to execute the TCRP:

To learn more about local TCRP efforts, contact us at 619-692-5514 or by email, or review the resources below: