Resident Leadership Academy

The Resident Leadership Academy (RLA) empowers residents in San Diego County communities by instilling commitment to make positive changes at the neighborhood level that lead to improved quality of life for all residents. This resident empowerment leads to improved environments in the neighborhoods, such as changes promoting physical activity and access to healthy food choices.  The RLA is a true investment in our community's social capital, providing residents with the opportunity to build leadership capacity and create positive changes in their neighborhoods that influence health.

Since 2010, Healthy Works has supported more than twelve RLAs with over 200 San Diego County residents celebrating their graduation.


The RLA is a comprehensive 10-week curriculum empowering community residents to make improvements to their communities that will encourage healthy eating, physical activity and safety. The RLA brings cutting-edge knowledge about how to create healthier neighborhood environments through meaningful policy, systems and environmental changes. Typically linked to local grassroots networks, RLA participants can decide for themselves how they would like to see their neighborhoods improved.

RLA graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make sustainable community changes. These individuals often continue working with public and private institutions in their respective communities after they graduate from the RLA to accomplish the goals within identified in their community improvement plans that help to reduce the prevalence of chronic disease in their neighborhoods through improvements in such areas as public safety, healthy food access, and improved physical activity opportunities.

RLA training is available to any and all residents who are interested in learning how to work together to improve the health of their community.  For information on RLA-initiated community improvement projects, or how you can get involved in a future RLA, contact us.