San Diego Born & Raised: Shop Fresh, Buy Local

Did you know that San Diego County has 6,687 farms, more than any other county in the United States? San Diego County also has the largest community of organic growers in the state and nation, with 374 farms growing more than 175 crops.

The Healthy Food Systems component of Healthy Works includes the Farm to Institution program, local jurisdiction planning for a healthy food system, and the healthy school meals initiative.

Through Urban-Rural Agricultural Planning, we are increasing community food production through policy and systems changes. We are providing technical assistance to local jurisdictions and residents to help them develop and implement planning procedures that encourage community food production, such as community gardens. Such initiatives ultimately bring more buying power to the consumer.

If food is transported a long distance, it loses its flavor and has fewer nutrients. The closer the food is grown, the better it is for all of us. We support our local farmers, who grow fresh produce that is "San Diego Born & Raised."

To support these efforts and the larger effort to promote locally grown food, the San Diego County Farm Bureau, in partnership with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, has created a new outreach effort for the “365” seal, to easily identify specific produce grown in San Diego.

Many consumers want to purchase and consume locally grown produce, and now consumers are able to ensure they are truly choosing fresh fruits and vegetables grown in San Diego County. Each 365-certified grower, retailer, or meal-serving institution will enter into a license agreement with the Farm Bureau to ensure that the seal is representing genuine San Diego produce.

Let's continue improving our local food system in San Diego County. Shop fresh and buy local, supporting food that is San Diego Born & Raised.

What You Can Do:

Know who grows your food, and support your San Diego farmers. Buy from local growers. Join our e-mail list at

San Diego County Certified Farmers Markets

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