About Healthy Works

3-4-50: Chronic Disease in San Diego County


Live Well San Diego: Healthy Works is a collection of County-funded programs and interventions carried out by the County and contracting partners that address chronic disease, promote health equity, and advance the regional Live Well San Diego vision. Efforts focus on reducing the three risk factors—tobacco use, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity—that contribute to the four major chronic diseases—cancer, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, and lung disease. Collectively, these conditions lead to more than 50 percent of deaths in the region: a concept known as 3-4-50. To address the 3-4-50 concept, the County of San Diego and community partners engage residents, schools, local governments, businesses, and community leaders in policy, systems, and environmental approaches. Live Well San Diego: Healthy Works unifies opportunities that make the healthy choice easier and more accessible in the places where San Diegans live, work, learn, and play.


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