Vista - Communities of Excellence

The Vista Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention (CX3) project represents the CX3 community engagement efforts in the North Coastal region of San Diego County.  The Vista team started their CX3 efforts in the spring of 2012 in partnership with Vista Community Clinic.

The North Coastal CX3 project is unique in that it is the only CX3 project in the County to engage only monolingual Latino residents. The group of residents, referred to as Poder Popular (which translates to "people power"), assessed the nutrition environment of the Bobier neighborhood of Vista by surveying the local fast food restaurants, food stores and the ease of walkability to these food stores. 

CX3 North Coastal_vista

Based on the data the group gathered, they identified long-term and short-terms goals to improve their neighborhood and began to connect with other community groups to obtain support for their projects. In addition, the Poder Popular group has received training in public speaking, leadership, social determinants of health and healthy food systems.  All of these opportunities have helped the group build skills to continue to effect change and achieve results. 

The CX3 team is currently working on implementing a community garden and assessing the feasibility of retail store conversions. In the future, they hope to work with small "mom and pop" restaurants to provide healthy options on their kids menus.  

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