El Cajon - Communities of Excellence

The El Cajon Communities of Excellence in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention (CX3) project represents the CX3 community engagement efforts taking place in the East region of San Diego County.  The El Cajon team started their CX3 efforts in the summer of 2012 in partnership with the El Cajon Collaborative. 

The El Cajon CX3 project has engaged two resident groups in implementing CX3 activities.  The first is the El Cajon Healthy Food Initiative, which consists of local leaders of nonprofit organizations, business owners, youth and parents. The other resident group consists of the residents that participated in and graduated from the Resident Leadership Academy (RLA). 

CX3 East

Upon graduation, these RLA graduates called themselves Resident Leaders in Action, now trained to lead efforts that focus on community leadership and advocacy, crime prevention and safety, and healthy food systems and food access. The RLA leadership group consists of intergenerational community members that reflect the cultural diversity of El Cajon.  

These groups have spearheaded the following community improvement projects:  

  • Enhancing safe routes to healthy places in El Cajon, including improving the environment through public art
  • Improving mass transit and bus stops
  • Providing support and training for refugees and immigrants to increase community involvement
  • Increasing awareness and action around healthier living activities in El Cajon

To learn more about the work of the El Cajon CX3 team, click on the links below.