Increasing Physical Activity in Schools

Schools play a critical role in promoting student health and preventing childhood obesity. We know that healthy students make better learners. They come to school more often and are better able to concentrate on their studies.

Healthy students today will make a healthier work force tomorrow. An important step to help youth be healthy is to improve the physical activity environment in their schools.

Healthy Works has collaborated with the Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) to increase physical activity during physical education classes and improve opportunities for youth to engage in physical activity throughout the entire school day.

increased PA in schools

Through the Community Transformation Grant made possible by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CVESD reached nearly 4,400 children in nine schools by integrating physical activity into classroom time and recess.  The district also instituted a new physical education curriculum at the nine schools. 

Additionally, Healthy Works is supporting the San Diego County Office of Education with administration of the local Fit-to-Learn program, which provides professional development to help teachers integrate nutrition and fitness into everyday subjects, while meeting state standards.

For updates about programming that increases physical activity in school districts in San Diego County, contact Deirdre Kleske.

For more information and updates about physical activity and physical education programming in CVESD schools, contact Sharon Hillidge.

Success Stories 
In Chula Vista, Students Are on the Move